Yeah, so that happened

This morning, a man who makes more than $100,000 greater than I do in annual salary, had me spend 30 minutes of my time teaching him how to reset his Google password, so that he could get into his google account, because he couldn’t figure out how to get on a Google meet video call.

I asked for a raise a few weeks ago, because I’ve been given considerably more with respect to responsibilities. I was told “It’s just not in the budget right now”. Meanwhile, this dumbass cannot even figure out how to get on a video call, and wants me to teach him how to change his personal Google password.

Why is he worth an extra $100,000 and you can’t even give me an extra $5,000? It’s not even like what he does is specialized.

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

10 responses to “Yeah, so that happened”

  1. Pathetic, isn’t it?

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  2. I sometimes feel the higher you go up the ladder, the stupider you become.


  3. Arghhh I feel your frustration, V. It boggles my mind how many psychopaths are at an executive level, earning 6 figures a year and basically doing nothing for it – so I can relate to you feeling angry about a relatively STUPID guy who earns so much more but doesn’t know how to set up a video call. You deserve that raise, V. Maybe they can dock HIS salary and send him on a course to learn about how to properly use his phone? Big hugs xx


  4. Really, Vee…you only have yourself to blame for not being born a middle aged man.
    Seriously, though, I completely understand the frustration. I regularly talk to people about things wholly in the purview of their home departments and they will innocently ask me the most fundamentally basic questions. I told one person, “I think you should ask your boss” and that worked oddly well.


  5. Next time say it costs $5000 to do that. Lol


  6. Is he a manager? How do you know his salary btw?

    The answer probably includes that he’s a man. How does someone go about getting his job? How do you fall upwards like that?


    1. Salary ranges per position titles are available on our company one drive. You best believe I’m going to snoop when I’m hired for a job. His title, would make his salary more than $100,000 according to info on our drives.

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      1. He’s not worth minimum wage!!

        I bet he has kids and that gives him more salary too. I’ve noticed that’s a thing.


  7. In this day and age, he didn’t know how to change his password? And make that much 💰💰💰? 🙄


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