One of the Weirdest Moments

So, I’m in the mall today – I wanted to go to Aritizia and get some loungewear because… who can be bothered to dress up anymore? Not this girl. Anyways, I’m in Aritizia and this girl comes over to to her friend who’s looking at the clothing rack next to me and says “Dude, that was definitely secret service”, and they both laugh. I stop listening to what they’re saying, I just assumed, well actually I don’t really know what I assumed. It wasn’t my conversation so I phased them out.

I definitely heard the one girl say that she saw secret service, though.

About ten minutes later, I’m standing outside waiting for my Uber Driver. The mall is next to a prreeettyy huge courthouse, so when I saw a lineup of blacked-out SUVs parked in between the courthouse entrance and the mall entrance, I didn’t think much of it. I assumed they were police vehicles that were officers at the courthouse.

Next thing I know, a little parade of secret service agents walk out. I’m just standing there minding my own business, and the SUVs, which are so blacked out you can’t even see a driver, pull up towards the corner where I’m standing waiting for my Uber driver.

The walked in unison, like military. I mean, I’ve seen it before in movies, but never in real life. They’re not exactly the type of people who lay low, if you know what I’m saying. They commanded attention in the way they were moving about.

One of them looks at me, gestures for me to move back, and says ‘Ma’am could you step back from the corner, please’. I did, of course. I was still a little baffled at the sight of these Secret Service Agents in front of me. All of a sudden I see who’s walking behind them. Well, I guess more in the middle of them. He had a few in front of him and a few behind him.

I’m pretty sure that it was Adam Schiff.

I’m 90% sure it was Adam Schiff.

Two Secret Service Agents Stand Guard, as he gets into the SUV in the middle, and the other agents get into the SUV behind/in front.

The remaining two who were standing guard while he got into the SUV get into the SUV, and they slowly pull away from the courthouse and down towards the light to get off the street I was on. They had Government plates on them – no numbers or code or anything for identification, just a Government plate. (I’ve seen the government plates a lot in Ottawa)

My Uber driver pulls up the street as they’re driving off, and she was too late to see anything but the row of SUV’s pulling away, but even she thought it looked out of place and stuck out like a sore thumb, so when I got into the car, she was like “What was that?”

I said “I’m not too sure. Secret service, I think?”

She was like “Whaaaat? Did something in happen in the mall?” I’m not quite sure she knew what I meant when I said secret service. I think she thought they were protecting someone fleeing some sort of distress. I assured her everything was okay – I said if they were fleeing, they’d have been driving much faster and wouldn’t have bothered to stop at the light.

She laughed and took me on my way.

On the way home I googled, and realized they were FOR SURE American Secret Service. 100%. They were dressed to the nines, in suits with sunglasses and ear pieces that looked like they were from the early 2000’s. One of them spoke into his wrist, JUST LIKE THEY DO IN THE MOVIES.

According to my Google efforts, I’m 100% certain they were American Secret Service Agents.

I’m like 90% certain it was Adam Schiff they were with.

Though, I’m doubting that a little because I can’t find anything online – any mention of him being here. I was thinking someone on Twitter or Instagram might have mentioned that they saw Secret Service in the Mall, so I’ve been scrolling and updating the feeds to see if anyone does – but I cannot find any mention of Secret Service.

On the other hand, I’m all but certain Government officials, from any country and every country, don’t always publicly announce when they travel out of the country. So, perhaps he’s just here on the down-low? Some sort of government business but not stuff people need to know about?

I don’t know.

I swear it was Adam Schiff.

I mean, until today, I’ve only ever seen him online or on tv. But I’m pretty certain it was him.

Weirdest experience, though. Watching the secret service walk out like that. I remember when I saw them I thought it was weird that they didn’t have guns (because that’s what you see in the movies) but then I remembered I’m in Canada and they’re not allowed to carry guns here. That sent me down a thought spiral of how they probably know intense martial arts and could probably kick the crap out of us with one hand.

It’s been an interesting afternoon, okay.


13 responses to “One of the Weirdest Moments”

  1. You’re almost certainly right. He’s getting lots of threats from the MAGA cult.

    I, too, would like my country back. FROM THEM.

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    1. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall Avatar
      Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall

      Yes, me too.


  2. When I worked at JFK we quite often saw Secret Service types. They always talked into their sleeves, always wore dark glasses and always walked like they had a pole up their ass. It was hard to take them seriously. I mean, I thought security people were supposed to blend in, not be obvious? Can you imagine what it costs to protect all our politicians? Makes me cringe.


    1. WALKED LIKE THEY HAD A POLE UP THEIR ASS – That is the comment of the day! It’s so true, though. That’s how they walked.

      And you’re so right – they should be trying to blend in, shouldn’t they? I mean if they’re protecting someone, wouldn’t it be easier to not draw attention to them? I get if you’re escorting someone like Donald Trump or Barack Obama as they’re wildly recognizable. But, everyone? It seems like it might be smarter for them to try and blend in when they’re walking with someone they’re protecting – as I bet there’s hundreds, if not thousands, of people with secret service protection of some sort.


  3. V, Not sure why Adam Schiff would get the secret service protection, let alone in Canada of all places. Was he on an official business and was threatened for his life? Regardless. I enjoyed reading it. Nice writing. And thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m not really sure. I’ve been searching local feeds to see if anyone else reported seeing secret service and no one’s talking about it. I’m starting to think I just imagined the whole thing. I swear it was him though. Or his twin.

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    2. Seems he was the chair of the House Intelligence Committee until this year, so I think it would make sense. Don’t think it would matter where they are since the protection would be against foreign agents or general public. Russia poisons people with nerve agent here with impunity lol. Can never be too careful.


  4. I had to google Adam Schiff. And I’m an American. Yay me!


    1. I’m a rubber-necker when it comes to American politics. It’s like watching a car accident actively happen. I can’t look away.

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      1. Plus it’s also vital for the entire west that they don’t descend into civil war!!


  5. That’s absolutely hilarious that it was just like the movies! Sounds like Matrix agent Smiths, down to the martial arts hahaha.


    1. Don’t get in their way or they’ll slap you!


  6. Years ago, on a trip to London, I stood outside Clarence House waiting for someone when I was suddenly surrounded by black shiny sedans. What followed was a carefully synchronized routine of dark suits, a weird formation of people exiting the building headed straight for the open car doors, doors shutting and the cars driving off as quickly as they arrived. No watch talking but there were ear pieces involved. As I watched them leave I stood there with my mouth open wondering what just happened and if I had imagined it. So so bizarre.


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