AirBNB – A Story

So, I am in the world’s cutest AirBNB right now. The house is like 115 years old, it’s made out of red-bricks. The AirBNB is in the basement and the host lives upstairs. The host renovated the basement completely so everything is nice and new and convenient for people for short term stays.

Everything about this place is adorable.

The kitchen is a deep khaki green colour, which I would normally hate, but I love for this place. There’s a hand-carved wardrobe for hanging my clothes (It says “Hand carved by: X Name”). Even the coffee mugs have character. Somehow everything is different and yet it all fits together, seamlessly. It’s easily the best AirBNB I’ve been in all year (and this is the ninth I’ve stayed in).

Basically, I love it here.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

There’s one downside to this place, though – I cannot control the heat. The homeowner controls the heat.

Apparently, she likes it to feel like the seven circles of hell inside this house, except for when she’s asleep. So all day, the heat is on full blast at 1,000 degrees. I’m being facetious on the temperature, of course. But that is what it feels like. Then, 8:00 pm rolls around and she turns on the air conditioning. So, by the time that I want to lay in bed at night, it’s time for me to bundle up and wear a hoodie and socks to bed, and grab an extra blanket.

I asked her if she was able to lower the temperature a little during the day. I don’t mind having to sleep in a hoodie, but I don’t like sweating profusely laying on the couch. Anyways, she mentioned she has bad circulation so she feels cold a lot. She said she’d try to turn it down a little for me. If she did, I definitely couldn’t feel a difference.

I hate being “that person”, but… if you’re going to have an AirBNB in your basement, said person renting it should be able to control their own heat.

Photo by Josh Wilburne on Unsplash

6 responses to “AirBNB – A Story”

  1. All she needs to do is lower the overall temperature and have a mobile heating device for herself. I’m sure it would be cheaper for her.


    1. Pretty much.


  2. Any time temperature control is in the hands of someone else, especially a home-owner, they’re always going to have some mad quirks like this. People just can’t be normal! Heating to air conditioning transition defies explanation, besides energy efficiency and economy. Surely their circulation is still bad at night? 😆. Keeping a basement at hellish temperatures seems impressive though. I once rented with a live-in landlord, and yes, he kept the house as hot as possible.

    Are there any hidden rooms/passages though? I’ve seen a horror movie that starts out just like your post did…


    1. No hidden passages. It’s an old house though so there are some weird nooks and crannies in this place.

      I’ve taken to just keeping the window open all day long. She’s paying for heat that I’m just letting escape through the window and IDGAF. lol

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  3. I also always love it when people “try” to lower the heating or open a window, though! It’s just a polite way to say fuck off 😆.


    1. Basically.
      I just started keeping the window open all day. As soon as the air conditioning comes on, I close the window. Though, the fact that this house is like 100 years old and has AC is impressive to me.

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