Stories From My Medium Profile

Today I wanted to share some of my writing, but with a little twist. The pieces that I am sharing exist on Instead of just providing links to my articles on Medium, I’ll be sharing my “friend links” with you. What are friend links, you might ask? Well, friend links are special links that allow anyone who clicks on them to bypass Medium’s paywall and read the article for free, without having to be a paying member.

I know that not everyone has a Medium subscription, so I wanted to make it easier for people to read my work if they’re interested.

Here are some pieces:

How I Travel Cheaper in North America

A Remote Team Manager Talks About How To Empower Employees

The Cons of Remote Work

Five Things Every Successful Content Creator Knows

  • Five Things Every Successful Content Creator Knows is actually one of my favourite posts that I’ve written on the platform, and it’s one of my least-viewed posts.
  • The Subheading is “Just because you publish it doesn’t mean they will come.” Foreshadowing? I think so.

If you’re interested in reading these posts, please feel click the links. If you do have a medium account, please let me know your account in the comments section of this post so that I can follow you.

If you don’t have a Medium account and read any of these – thank you! if you have comments, please leave them in the comments section of this post.

For those that are wondering, as a couple of people do ask from time to time, I make between $40-$100 per month (USD) with my Medium stories being read. The great thing about having a lot of articles on the platform is that even if your old stories are only earning $1 per month, when there are 40 of them, that’s $40 being earned for you doing nothing. It’s nice! The money isn’t anything grand. That’s okay though – I don’t write there to make money. While I admit that I initially joined to see if I could make money, I stay there because I like the people and ideas on the platform. I stay there for the same reason I stay on WordPress. The people are what make the platform inviting!

Okay, byeee.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

3 responses to “Stories From My Medium Profile”

  1. Thank you for sharing this 🙂


  2. If I was going to travel again, I would find your info most helpful. The whole travel industry has had a huge shake-up! You would appear to be a busy lady!


  3. So proud of you for sharing ‘friend links’ so people don’t have to pay to read your articles! I’m on Medium too – @janetDT1994 and would look for you and follow you. I’m looking forward to reading your articles – especially the one about what successful content creators should be doing 🙂 Sending you lots of love xx


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