True Catharsis

One of the very best things I did for myself in 2022 was starting over.

I didn’t just move. I didn’t just change jobs. I didn’t just leave people behind. I left everything behind. My belongings found a new home. I both gifted, and threw away the majority of my things, keeping only a small amount of clothing, and a weighted blanket (because those are expensive).

If it was worth a second life, I gave it away to someone who would use it. I spent months finding a new home for things – whether through friends/family, on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji, or giving it to a non-profit organization.

If it wasn’t worthy of a second home (I tend to keep my stuff for A LONG TIME because when I buy something, I buy it to get use out of it. I’m not a trend follower) I threw it away, recycled, or otherwise disposed of it. One of the best days I had in 2022 was actually the day I flushed a diamond necklace. (I don’t recommend flushing things under just about every circumstance. This, however, was a symbolic gesture)

I truly started over.

New province.

New city.

New house.

New people.

New job.

New plans.

New things.

New life.

As I’ve been building this new life for myself, I’ve been being very purposeful about my purchases, and I find that I’m owning a lot less now. Part of that is because back in Canada, I share a place that already had dishes/household items like vacuums and stuff, so after I sold mine, I didn’t need to repurchase. Part of this is because I am being mindful of what I bring into my life. I’ve adopted the ‘if I can’t travel with it, I don’t need it’ mentality. Sure, I do have some clothes and a couple of other things back in Canada, but most of the things I own now fit in my suitcase, and get use almost every day.

Starting over feels good.

Sure, I cannot erase certain people and the effect they had on me, however, I can see a therapist, and I am a firm believer that everyone should have someone to talk to. In my case, that’s a therapist.

I’m building a life free from the ties that bind, and it feels good. I’m not fully where I want to be, but I will get there.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

7 responses to “True Catharsis”

  1. I meant “love it,” but live it works too.🙂


  2. I’m glad for you. I think this is a good move. I understand about wanting to flush everything. I once did the same. Different circumstances, but I needed to be rid of all reminders. No diamond necklaces but there was a gold watch. Anyway, having a total re-set is always good. I am sure you feel lighter. Way to go girl!


  3. Sounds much like we did in 2022 as well. Quit my job; sold or gave most of our stuff away; sold our house; bought a new house; moved halfway across country; new start; new life.


  4. I live on land that has been in my family since 1848 so I’m not likely going anywhere. Your story is my fantasy. Best wishes and enjoy!!!


  5. Wow this must be so liberating!!!


  6. I am so proud of you!! ❤️💚❤️


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